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Your ticket to the most unbelievable winter wonderland.  Enjoy the miles of groomed trails and roads or for those more adventurous  carve through  the meadows and boon-dock through the trees.

Now Renting the Artic Cat ALPHA ONE’s, Polaris and Ski Doo 850’s and a Polaris Turbo!

Bearclaw Sales and Services Sled Rentals!

The place to get a wide range of snowmobiles for your snow bound adventure.  Give us a call or stop by and we will set you up for an experience of a life time.

Description Full Day Rate
2022 Lynx 850 (163/164) Shot start $360
2022 Skidoo Summit (163/164) Shot start $350
2022 Arctic Cat Alpha Hardcore (x5) $340
2018 Skidoo 850 $315
2018 Arctic Cat (twin rail) $315
2016 Skidoo 800 $285

5* Responsible for Gas and Oil, Reservation with Credit Card, 7 day cancellation notice,  Check out 8:00 am in 4:00 pm

Credit Cards will have a 5% convenience fee added to their total at the end of their rental.

Available to Buy              Amount                       Available to Rent Amount
Helmets $90.00 and up  Avalanche Packs $25 / day
HMK BOA Boots / Std Boots $316.95 / $226.95  Avalanche Beacons $10/ day
HMK Shovels $57.95  Shovels/Saw  $5 / day
ORTOVOX 3+ $284.95  Probes $5 / day
ORTOVOX Diract Voiced Beacon  $315.99 Backpacks $5 / day
Probes $59.95 Sno Bunje $3 / day
Tank Refills (air) $20-25 Helmets $10 / day
 BC link 2.0 radio’s  Call * Make reservations for daily rentals
 Snow Pulse packs  Call